Melissa Joan Hart expresses her regret for bringing Britney Spears to her first club

Melissa Joan Hart addresses her friendship with Britney Spears

By Web Desk
May 18, 2024
Melissa Joan Hart 'feels guilty' for bringing Britney Spears to her first club

Melissa Joan Hart has recently reflected on her friendship with Britney Spears

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Sabrina the Teenage Witch actress recalled working with the pop star on the music video for her hit song, You Drive Me (Crazy), which was added in the soundtrack to Melissa's movie Drive Me Crazy.


While talking about bringing Britney to her first club, Melissa said, "I saw that she was just surrounded by people, never able to break free. And I was like, 'Hey, want to come?'"

At the time, Melissa shared they were 17, saying, "I would go to a club every night. I love dancing and I loved going out, but I also knew to be responsible and, like, when to stop."

However, Melissa opened up that Britney had struggled with partying in the early 2000s.

"She was underage and young. But I [was] just like, 'Let's go out. We're just going to go out and have some fun,'" recounted the actress.

Melissa admitted, "I feel really guilty about that still to this day because I should have known better, being a big sister."

The interview came after Britney was escorted out by authorities in tears and wrapped in a blanket at the Chateau Marmont.

The songstress took to social media adding nothing was wrong with her.

Britney wrote, "I was in my pajamas and yes, I had been crying because I hurt my foot !!! No breakdown !!! I’m a grown a-- woman who is actually very naive in most situations !!! I am simply embarrassed they got me in my pajamas !!! I don’t feel loved … I feel mistreated !!! With that said, I’m going to treat myself this week !!!"