PTI slams Punjab CM’s ‘luxurious lifestyle,’ security spending

By Mumtaz Alvi
May 18, 2024
Punjab CM Maryam Nawaz. — X/SaniaaAshiq/File

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek Insaf on Friday criticised the Punjab chief minister for her 'luxurious lifestyle' and demanded details from the Punjab government regarding the plan to spend Rs149.1 million on the security of the CM’s Jati Umra residence, calling it a wasteful use of public funds.


A PTI spokesperson condemned what he described as the 'mandate thief' chief minister of Punjab, accusing her government of planning to spend millions on the security of her Jati Umra residence despite the severe financial crisis, inflation, and unemployment plaguing the country.

He said that the people of Punjab are grappling with unbridled inflation, unemployment, and scarcity of resources, while Sharif’s touts are indulging in lavish spending of public money. The PTI spokesperson charged that like her predecessors who spent Rs364 million on the security of Jati Umra, the current chief minister also intends to squander Rs149.1 million on purchasing and installing security equipment at her residence.

He recalled that when Imran Khan was the prime minister, he stayed in his residence in Bani Gala and covered all security expenses out of his pocket.