‘CLICK project to enter new phase soon’

By Our Correspondent
May 18, 2024
The logo of the Competitive & Liveable City of Karachi (CLICK).— Facebook/ClickLgd.GoS

The Competitive & Liveable City of Karachi (CLICK) project is about to enter a new phase soon, CLICK Project Director Asif Jan Siddiqui told a meeting on Thursday.


The Sindh Local Government Department’s CLICK project in collaboration with the World Bank held a consultative meeting with the Karachi town chairmen. The event was attended by the elected leadership of all 25 towns of the city.

Siddiqui highlighted the efforts being made by the LG department and the WB to improve the city’s infrastructure, urban facilities and overall quality of life. He congratulated all the town chairmen, and emphasised that the CLICK project operates on merit for the capacity building of towns without any discrimination in accordance with the guidelines provided by the WB.

Deputy Director Zainul Abideen Mirani said they regularly engage with the public in both central and suburban areas of the city. These interactions help understand the local needs and build trust, aligning with the primary mission of the provincial government, he added.

Experts from various departments of the CLICK project provided detailed information about their work. Representatives from companies associated with the project, including Fahad Zubair, Ayesha Mughal, Arif Raza, Agha Murtaza, Rafiq Brohi and Rana Asif, also shared their insights.

Siddiqui reiterated the commitment to transparency and merit throughout all phases of the CLICK project. He condemned nepotism and favouritism, making the assurance that the project’s doors are always open for local representatives. He said the CLICK project is available 24/7 to address any complaints or suggestions.