'Say goodbye to your father': Woman kills son after arranging video call with his father

Woman killed her son and herself just a day before a scheduled custody hearing

By Web Desk
May 09, 2024
Savannah Kriger fatlly shot her 3-year-old son Kaiden before turning the gun on herself, authorities said. Bexar County Sheriff's Office

A mother fatally shot her three-year-old son, Kaiden, and herself amidst a custody dispute in Texas.

The bodies were found near a San Antonio park on March 19. A subsequent investigation revealed a series of events led up to the tragedy.


The mother, Savannah Samantha Kriger, had been embroiled in a custody battle with her ex-husband. On the day of the incident, she sent a chilling text message to her ex, saying "say goodbye to your son."

Minutes later, she recorded a video of herself and Kaiden, where she told her son to say goodbye to his father.

The investigation revealed that the 32-year-old woman had purchased a gun from a friend and used it in the shootings. She had also vandalised her ex-husband's home earlier that day.

The sheriff's office issued an Amber Alert for Kriger and Kaiden. But, their lives could not be saved.

The medical examiner's office ruled Kaiden's death as a homicide and Kriger's as a suicide. The sheriff's office reconstructed Kriger's final hours using surveillance footage, cellphone data, and GPS.

The incident occurred just a day before a scheduled custody hearing.