Can you get 212 out of 200 marks? This Gujarat student got

The incident took place in Gujarat's Kharasana village, where Vanshiben Manishbhai made this possible by scoring 211 and 212 marks

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May 09, 2024
The student got more than 200 marks in Gujarati and Mathematics. — Hindustan Times

Can you obtain 210 marks out of 200 in your exams?

Not possible?


But it happened in India.

A fourth-grade student in Gujarat was initially awarded an impossible 212 marks out of 200 in Mathematics and 211 marks out of 200 in Gujarati.

The incident took place in Gujarat's Kharasana village in Jhalod Taluka, where Vanshiben Manishbhai made this possible by scoring 211 and 212 marks in Gujarati and Mathematics, respectively, exceeding the total marks of 200.

The glaring error in a Gujarat school's result compilation was discovered when Vanshiben showed her mark sheet to her parents. After the school was informed about the shocking mistake, the student's marks were adjusted to 191 and 190 respectively. The student's total marks were revised from 956 to 934.

Despite the correction, the incident has sparked a debate on the accuracy of results compilation and the quality of education in the school. The school has launched an investigation to determine the cause of the mistake.

This is not the first time that such an error has taken place. In 2023, Mumbai University awarded marks exceeding the total marks in a mathematics examination. Ayesha Ansari received 115 out of 100 marks. Later, the university cited a technical error in the software.

Another student, Ammara Ansari, obtained 105 marks. Ashfa Khan bagged 101 marks, Maria Momin 109 marks, Rifa Momin 111 marks, and Asia Shaikh got 106 marks. All these mark errors happened in the Group Theory subject of the fifth semester of the course.

Responding to these mistakes, the university issued a statement, saying, “A technical error has occurred in the software. That the mistake will be rectified and revised results for those students will be issued.”