Brittany Cartwright to blame for crumbling marriage to Jax Taylor?

Brittany Cartwright revealed that she fought with Jax Taylor

By Web Desk
April 24, 2024
Brittany Cartwright addresses issues in marriage to Jax Taylor

Brittany Cartwright recently revealed that she fought with Jax Taylor over money after she started making more on the show.

During her first appearance on Vanderpump Rules in four years,on Tuesday, April 23, Cartwright told her former co-star Scheana Shay that she and Taylor constantly exchanged banters once she started earning more as compared to him.


She noted: "I know whenever me and Jax were going through that where I was making more money for once, I could tell that was a shift for him," she said.

"We were fighting a lot because of that alone."

Cartwright explained that "being the breadwinner" caused problems in her relationship.

Speaking to Shay on the subject, she asked if it caused problems in her marriage to Brock Davies, to which she replied "It did."

Following-up on her answer, Cartwright added: "I think because they are such manly men, that can be something even if they don’t express it."

The former Hooters waitress offered insight into her relationship with Taylor on Tuesday’s Vanderpump Rules After Show, admitting that "the roles kind of flipped" for them.

Adding to the statement, she noted: "I was definitely making more money. I can tell it hurt Jax’s ego."