John Lennon’s guitar from his movie ‘Help!’ goes up for auction

John Lennon also played the guitar, which was found after five decades, for multiple Beatles hits

By Web Desk
April 24, 2024
John Lennon’s guitar may break the world record for the highest selling Beatles guitar

John Lennon’s legacy continues to live on.

Once believed to be lost forever, the late musician’s beloved guitar – which he notably used on the 1965 musical comedy Help!, as well as on various Beatles songs – is going up for auction.


On Tuesday, April 23, Julien’s Auctions announced that the priceless artifact, which is “the most important Beatles guitar to ever come to market,” will hit the auction block next month.

The instrument is expected to sell for over $800,000, breaking the world record for the highest selling Beatles guitar.

In a statement, the auction’s co-founder Darren Julien noted, “The discovery of John Lennon’s Help! Guitar that was believed to be lost is considered the greatest find of a Beatles guitar since Paul McCartney’s lost 1961 Höfner bass guitar.

Julien continued, “Finding this remarkable instrument is like finding a lost Rembrandt or Picasso, and it still looks and plays like a dream after having been preserved in an attic for more than 50 years. To awaken this sleeping beauty is a sacred honor and is a great moment for Music, Julien’s, Beatles, and Auction history.”