Illegal cigarette factory sealed in Jamshoro

By Aftab Ahmed
April 24, 2024
The image shows a tobacco company worker holding cigarettes. — AFP/File

HYDERABAD: An illegal cigarette factory operating for the past one year near the Bhan Saeedabad area of the Jamshoro district was sealed, and raw materials worth more than 270 million rupees were confiscated in an operation on Tuesday.


The factory was raided by Additional Director Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation (I&I) Mumtaz Thebo and Deputy Commissioner FBR Inland Revenue Hyderabad Akhtar Hussain. They found illegal cigarettes behind the petrol pump office in Wada Manhayoon near the Bhan Saeedabad area.

In the raid, some people from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were found making cigarettes with local labourers and selling them in many areas of South Punjab, causing a loss of more than 270 million rupees per month to the country’s exchequer.