Ryan Gosling's partner Eva Mendes reflects on her body image insecurity

Eva Mendes on how she was insecured about her smile while growing up

By Web Desk
April 23, 2024
Eva Mendes opens up about her body image insecurity in early childhood

Ryan Gosling's partner Eva Mendes has recently reflected on her body image insecurity while growing up.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Eva posted a video of herself smiling at a photoshoot, looking stunning in a white t-shirt and blonde hair.


In the clip, the Hitch star could be seen smiling and laughing as she was having a great time.

Captioning the post in Spanish, Eva explained how she was insecured about her smile.

"When I was young I was told that my mouth was too big, that it wasn't 'fine', but now I love my big mouth because it means I smile bigger too," wrote the 50-year-old.

Eva's fans shared their reaction in the comment section, with one penned, "It's actually crazy how much we let people's negativity affect us when we are young."

"You are so stunningly beautiful with a wonderful smile. As a teen, I was bullied for being overweight and having a 'manly' voice and it's affected me ever since. I hate my voice because of it," stated another fan.

A third user mentioned, "Same here!! At school with my ex-in-laws. For years and I never paid attention to them, I will never have to get botox."

"You have a nice smile! Love it pretty girl," added a fourth user.

Meanwhile, Eva lately made a rare television appearance in March where she opened up about her first meeting with Ryan while filming The Place Beyond the Pines in 2012.

"I’ve never experienced anything like that," recalled the Ghost Rider actress.

Ryan added, “The way he works, his commitment to his craft, how he wants to make everything as best as it can be — and that means making his co-stars as best as they can be.”