Anne Hathaway reveals why she was drawn to ‘The Idea of You’ role

Anne Hathaway talks similarities she shares to character in 'The Idea of You'

By Web Desk
April 23, 2024
Anne Hathaway reveals why she was drawn to ‘The Idea of You’ role

Anne Hathaway, who stars alongside Nicholas Galitzine, found quite a few similarities to her role in the popular movie, The Idea of You.

In an interview with V Magazine, the actress, 41, shares that she would “love” to be friends with her character Soléne.


Hathaway plays a divorcée who falls in love with Galitzine’s Hayes, who is member of a boy band and two decades younger than her.

The Princess Diaries star explained that one of the points that “really resonates” with her is that there are “limited ideas of appropriate ways for women to be happy.”

“We react harshly and punitively when we feel that women have stepped outside those boundaries,” she explained. “I think that needs to stop, so I made a movie about it.”

Hathaway also added that she could not have played the role in the early days of her acting career.

“She’s going through a moment in her life when she is on the verge of becoming bitter. She experienced a trust trauma,” she said. “And a trust trauma is a hard thing to come back from; all that sweetness is beginning to sour. That’s not a role I could have played on day one of my career.”

Describing her character, Hathaway told the outlet that she knows when a character that matches a part of life that she’s living.

“She’s not this boldly colourful, fabulous, attention-grabbing person,” she said. “She’s actually just sweet and smart and lovely with a surprisingly sharp sense of humour and I genuinely would love to be friends with her. She’s cosy.”