Kylie Jenner's rare appearance sparks pregnancy rumours

Kylie Jenner is currently dating Timothee Chalamet

By Web Desk
April 23, 2024
Kylie Jenner's rare appearance sparks pregnancy rumours

The public believes that Kylie Jenner is secretly pregnant once more.

A picture from Kris Jenner's sister Karen Houghton's March funeral posted on Instagram started the rumour.


Many of the Jenner-Kardashian family members wore gorgeous funeral gowns as they posed together in the now-deleted picture, all dressed in black. Kylie, though, stood out for wearing pyjamas and a black sweatshirt.

Fans now believe the Hulu star is expecting a child again. One fan posted on Reddit, saying, "She's pregnant again and hiding it."

Another added, "WHY is Kylie dressed for the gym when everyone else is going to a funeral????"

A third wrote, "Kylie in her signature pregnancy tracksuit. Maybe that’s why the deleted it."

Already a mother, Kylie shares her two children, Aire, 2, and Stormi, 6, with her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott.

The Kylie cosmetics mogul is recently dating Duneactor Timothée Chalamet andthe couple put up a loving display at the Golden Globes when they were there.

They haven't been spotted together, though, for some time, which has led to rumours that they've drifted apart.

"Their lives got busy, and they drifted apart. Of course, once their schedules quiet down, that could all change," said one insider.