Hilary Swank weighs in on 1999's Boys Don't Cry lead role

Hilary Swank explains why she thinks her role in Boys Don't Cry would have been played by a trans actor

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Hilary Swank addresses Oscar-winning role in Boys Don't Cry movie

Hilary Swank has recently explained why she would not take Boys Don't Cry role if it was made today.

In a new interview with The Times of London, the Million Dollar Baby actress said, "It would be a great opportunity for a trans actor to play the role."


Reflecting on her Oscar-winner role in the movie, Hilary stated, "Now for the most part, in most places, it's accepted to be a trans person. [But] at that time, people weren't even coming out as gay and lesbian, it was a career killer, or whatever."

The actress, who played the role of a transgender man named Brandon Teena in the movie, continued, "They weren't ready to tell their family, or maybe they weren't even ready to tell themselves."

Hilary mentioned, "We're in such different times and I feel like it would be a great opportunity for an actor who's trans to play that role."

However, The Hunt actress explained, "I also feel like actors are actors. We are supposed to play different people and I would like to hope trans people are getting the opportunity to play non-trans people as well."

Hilary noted, "It was a jumping-off board to start a conversation that was needed, and we need this conversation to continue until everyone's leading a safe life."

"I like those transformative roles, the collaborative process of getting to that point, whether it's with the hair and make-up people or a trainer, or whether it's just walking in someone else's shoes who is so different from me physically," pointed out the 49-year-old.

Hilary added, "It allows me to see the world in different ways. I'd be up for a role like that again, but they're so few and far between."