Outlaw escapes from police custody

By Our Correspondent
April 21, 2024
Representational image of inmates behind jail bars. — Unsplash/File

LAHORE : A criminal escaped from the custody of Sundar police here on Saturday.


Sub-Inspector M Tufail and Constable Tahir, from Sundar police station, were transporting Naseer to Township police station for interrogation. However, during the journey on Multan Road near Loharanwala Khoh, Naseer resisted the officers and managed to flee despite being handcuffed.

The accused had been detained at Sundar police station with a case registered against him under Section 376 PPC. Following his escape, corruption allegations were being levelled against Sundar police for allegedly facilitating Naseer to escape.

A complainant accused the Sundar police of releasing Naseer after taking bribe and demanded a strict action against the police officials for their negligence and failure to uphold their duty.