Meghan Markle lambasted for defriending best pal Jessica Mulroney

Royal expert reveals interesting meaning of Meghan Markle's name from dictionary

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
Royal expert reveals meaning of Meghan Markle's name from dictionary

Meghan Markle has received fresh backlash for her "strategic friendship" with her ex-best friend Jessica Mulroney.

Royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths took a brutal dig at the Duchess of Sussex for her alleged nature of distancing herself from friends after being helped by them.


Charlotte went on saying the former Suits star is famous for "unfriending her friends", revealing the word "Markled" appears in the Urban Dictionary as distancing oneself from a friendship.

According to the slang website, to be "Markled" means: "To abandon someone or something after they've contributed to your life in a meaningful way." Charlotte claimed the phrase exists because Meghan has "unfriended so many people she knows".

She continued to tell Palace Confidential: "[She's unfriended] family members, Suits co-stars, her best friend Jessica Mulroney whose children were page boys at the royal wedding."

Meghan's relationship with Mulroney cooled in 2020 after the Canadian fashion designer was caught up in a "white privilege" row in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The commentator went lashing out at Meghan, saying: "I think she's a bit strategic with her friends and once she's finished with them, she casts them aside and forgets all about them, deletes their number and blocks their number in some cases."

She also slammed the Duchess for her latest launch: "Back to the jam thing, the other big joke that's been running all week is how does she know 50 people to send jam to?

"This is a woman that doesn't have 50 friends as far as we can tell. It's a bit like the royal wedding guest list. She invited people to that royal wedding of hers that she barely knew such as Oprah."