KE cuts off 350 illegal connections in Ajmer Nagri

By Our Correspondent
April 20, 2024
Workers repair the high voltage wires on a pole on February 20, 2024. — Online

K-Electric (KE) removed 350 illegal connections from Ajmer Nagri and adjoining neighborhoods on Friday, which were collectively using 250 kilogrammes of wires to steal power from the power utility’s network.


A press statement from the KE said that amid increasing circular debt and rising line losses, a nationwide effort is being made to counter electricity theft. K-Electric has also collaborated with law enforcement agencies to tackle the challenge of electricity theft in Karachi, pursuing action against those involved in theft and removing kundas (illegal connections) from the network to enable a safer and more reliable supply of electricity.

Recent action was taken across multiple sites in Ajmer Nagri and adjoining neighborhoods of New Karachi, where 350 illegal connections were detected. “Power infrastructure is installed in compliance with strict engineering and safety parameters by qualified professionals. Notwithstanding that the use of kundas is illegal, such makeshift interventions also bypass the safety protocols, creating a grave safety hazard for residents and increasing the risk of short circuits, fires, and disruptions to the power supply.”

The KE spokesperson appreciated the support of law enforcement agencies and various organisations in addressing the challenge of electricity theft, reiterating that the company extends its fullest support to customers, area representatives and elected officials who wish to work with the company to address this issue together. “This same spirit has enabled KE to establish facilitation camps to support customers with bill payments amid tough economic conditions. Even throughout the month of Ramazan, KE’s distribution teams held 40 such camps across the city.”