Rihanna aims to empower women through fashion: Here's how

Rihanna admits dressing up again in public gives her the opportunity to rediscover herself after motherhood

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
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Rihanna has recently confessed getting back to fashion again gives her the opportunity to "rediscover" herself.

Speaking with BBC News at the party of her collaboration with Puma in London earlier this week, the Umbrella hit-maker revealed that fashion became the least important thing after she embraced motherhood.


Rihanna, who shares two young sons with A$AP Rocky, said, "With the first pregnancy, I feel like I was able to wear heels all the way through."

“But then with the second pregnancy, you have a toddler, a belly, it’s winter, you have a coat, a baby bag. You’re like, heels? Hmm, maybe not," recalled the songstress.

Rihanna remarked, "That’s why I got a little bit more creative with my comfortable style."

"I got too comfortable after I had my second kid and I just was in robes, PJs, sweats. And now I’m playing again. Now I’m having fun with my clothes,” explained the songstress.

Rihanna noted that returning to spotlight and dressing up in public led her to persoanl rediscovery.

The singer mentioned that she’s able to “allow myself that space mentally to approach my closet and create stuff".

"After a while when you have kids, you think [fashion] is the dumbest… it really is the least important thing,” pointed out the songstress.

Rihanna noted, "It does something for you as a woman, and as a mum, that’s important for us."

Elaborating on why declided to buy maternity clothes, Rihanna told the outlet, "I approached it like everything else I approach in fashion.I just want to do things my way. I just want to always stitch it up and put my own twist on it."

However, the singer added, "I just refused to buy maternity clothes, really and truly. I was like, whatever fits was what’s going to work. And that made me challenge myself to get clever with style."