Prince William drops bombshell hint about Kate Middleton's health

Future King William attends memorial service of Major Mike Sadler

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024

Prince William, who returned to public duty on Thursday after almost a month break following Kate Middleton's cancer diagnosis, attended memorial service of Major Mike Sadler, the last of the wartime SAS ‘Originals’, on Friday.

Mike Sadler, who navigated the deserts of North Africa by the stars, died at the age of 103 in January.


The Prince of Wales visited Hereford Cathedral Friday morning as part of a memorial service for Sadler, giving a major update on his cancer-stricken wife Princess Kate's health with his move.

William's latest move suggests Kate Middleton is in good health as the future King took the step to attend the service.

In March, William unexpectedly pulled out of attending the memorial service for the late former King Constantine of Greece, where he had been due to give a reading. It was later revealed this was because of Catherine's cancer diagnosis and preventative chemotherapy.

Royal correspondent Richard Palmer shared the news of William's latest outing on X (formerly Twitter).

Mike's extraordinary career included stints as a farmer, sailor, soldier and spy. He parachuted into France after the D-Day landings, worked for MI6 and had part of the Antarctic named in his honour.

During his service, Sadler didn't have GPS, satellites or reliable landmarks in the vast, shifting sand dunes where the early SAS launched its raids. So he relied on the sun, stars and a system of dead reckoning, measuring distance and direction.

In December 1941, just five months after the SAS was founded, Sadler took part in the first successful raid on the Wadi Tamet airfield, where a team of six men destroyed 24 Axis war planes and a fuel dump.

Kate is out of sight since she emotionally revealed that she had been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment in a video message to the nation in March. The future Queen is said to be enjoying private time with William as their children returned to schools.

The Prince of Wales, according to experts, still seems keen to protect his family.