King Charles' security enhanced after THIS shocking incident

King Charles protocols are going to be more strict than ever

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
King Charles III's protocols are going to be more strict than ever after an incident

A royal expert has made shocking revelations about unusual activities in the palace amid King Charles III's cancer treatment.

Charlotte Griffiths said that "palace aides went ballistic" after the 75-year-old monarch was reportedly 'bounced' by a senior courtier into signing a document.


The King's private secretary has reportedly been forced to order a U-turn on an appointment that was "slid under Charles' nose" by a "mischievous Herold," according to the Mail.

"This is a story about a mischievous herald. He wanted to get a man appointed into a role, royal commentator Griffiths explained GB News.

"So what he did was, he got it under the nose of The King while The King was in London. I now know that when the King is in London, it's only to do one thing. It's to see his doctors and have cancer treatment.

"Whether it was knowingly or unknowingly, this herald got the document under the nose of Charles just after he'd had some cancer treatment and Charles signed off on it.

"There was a huge row behind the scenes because everyone knows there's a very strict protocol, which I didn't know about until I did the story."

"So if The King's in London, he's not doing any official documents or official work. This guy had circumnavigated the protocol to get his way.'

Host Ben Leo asked Griffiths: "The King, just to clarify, was not totally with it after his cancer treatment?"

The commentator responded as saying: "Yeah, I think, and he was bounced into signing this."

Ben raised another question: "What does that say about the security and the future of the monarchy? If you've got courtiers shoving paperwork under his nose when he's trying to recover from quite serious treatment?"

Griffiths shared the King's aides' reaction to it in her own words while replying to the host: "I think a lot of questions were asked, which is how it's made its way to me. But trust me, Palace aides went ballistic.

"The two private secretaries that look after Charles reversed the decision. U- turned it. And now the protocols are going to be more strict than ever to make sure it doesn't happen again."

King Charles has paused all public-facing duties after announcing his cancer which was discovered after having corrective surgery for an enlarged prostate.