Prince Harry uses Frogmore eviction as 'excuse' to cut ties with royals

Prince Harry firmly quashed hopes of return to the royal family

By Web Desk
April 19, 2024
Prince Harry uses Frogmore eviction as 'excuse' to cut ties with royals

Prince Harry does not seem to be planning to rejoin the Firm anytime soon.

The Duke of Sussex recently sparked a flurry of comments after official documents stating his new country of residence as the USA for his eco-tourism firm, Travalyst, were released by Companies House.


Speaking to The Sun, royal photographer Arthur Edwards deemed it impossible for the royal to heal rift with his estranged family following his latest move.

Harry is also said to be bitter about being thrown out of Frogmore Cottage, his property in the UK, by King Charles last year as he amended the aforementioned filings on the date the monarch asked him and Meghan to pack their bags.

"That rift now doesn't seem possible to be healed and that's very sad,” Arthur shared with the outlet. "Frogmore was a very small part of it, probably an excuse when he left the UK to make his home in North America.”

"By signing this document saying he's now a resident of the U.S, he's probably burnt his bridges but I live in hope,” affirmed the snapper.

"I'm quite sad about it. But it seems inevitable, his two kids are American, his wife is American, he lives there, but it's a sad occasion.

"You could say good riddance because he's been nothing but a thorn in their side but he is the prodigal son, and the prodigal son did return so I'll keep my fingers crossed,” Edwards added.