Zardari unconstitutional president: Gohar

Barrister Gohar Ali Khan said President Zardari was an illegal and unconstitutional president and slammed him for his address to the joint sitting of parliament

By Mumtaz Alvi
April 19, 2024
PTI Chairman Gohar Khan talks to the media as he arrives to attend a hearing at the High Court in Islamabad on August 29, 2023. — AFP

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan Thursday said President Zardari was an illegal and unconstitutional president and slammed him for his address to the joint sitting of parliament.


Talking to the media at the Parliament House along with other party leaders, he pointed out that the president did not participate in any political activity.

“If the president represents the unity of whole country, then he has to leave political offices, whereas he still heads Pakistan Peoples Party,” he argued. He wondered if Arif Alvi ever attended any political activity.

“We do not believe in this president and prime minister. The entire cabinet is illegal; therefore, we forced the president of Pakistan to leave the speech incomplete.”

He added: “In today’s session, they (opposition) saluted Zardari with a 21-gun protest and forced him to leave his speech incomplete.”

He alleged that these people distribute posts and resort to unconstitutional and illegal actions, whereas PTI will fulfill its responsibilities within the framework of the Constitution and law. Earlier, before attending the proceedings, Gohar declared that they would protest on the floor of parliament for they considered Zardari an illegal and unconstitutional president.

The PTI leader said, “We believe in the rule of law. Everyone will face cases but these should be heard.”

After the session while speaking to reporters, Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Omar Ayub Khan alleged that the Constitution and law were being violated with impunity by the rulers. He also claimed that the president, prime minister, speaker and deputy speaker were unconstitutional and illegal.

He contended that in the context of Article 41, the president represents the Federation and its federating units, whereas Asif Zardari, who is also known as Mr 10 per cent, is presently the president of Pakistan Peoples Party and has not resigned from this party post.

“We wanted to point out this illegality and unconstitutional aspect in the House, and today you all heard the address of an illegal president here,” he maintained.

Omar Ayub said that he tried to raise the point as the leader of the opposition, as the law is that whenever the opposition leader rises, he is given the floor but law and Constitution were being flouted in the House.

In response to a question, he made it clear that there was no grouping in PTI and that there was only one group in the party i.e. the founder of PTI (Imran Khan).

About the possibility of dialogue with the government, senior party member Ali Muhammad Khan said that first the founder of PTI should be released and then there will be talk of peace.

Meanwhile, PTI has submitted the name of Senator Syed Shibli Faraz for the post of Leader of Opposition in the Senate.

A delegation of party senators, including Shibli, Mohsin Aziz, Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur, Dr. Humayun Mohmand and Zeeshan Khanzada, submitted the related documents to the Senate secretary here, bearing signatures of 19 lawmakers.