Inclusive recruitment, workplace diversity advocated

By Our Correspondent
April 19, 2024
US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Bloom addresses a ceremony in Islamabad. — US Embassy/File

Islamabad:US Ambassador Donald Blome has advocated for inclusive recruitment and workplace diversity.


"Equity, accessibility, and inclusion in hiring and in the workplace should be a cornerstone principle for any organisation, business, and government. Ensuring all employees have the tools and resources to succeed in the workplace benefits us all," Mr Blome told the first Pakistan-US Alumni Network Accessibility and Inclusion Job Fair and the 5th Khadija Tul Kubra Awards ceremony at a hotel here. The event was attended by representatives of the US Embassy’s Human Resource Office and more than 150 stakeholders, including job-seekers living with disabilities.

The ambassador told participants that jobs were not just a means to earn a living and care for people and their families. He said instead, people found careers they're passionate about, and they're dedicating their time, energy, and skills to a larger mission. "We help our communities grow and prosper. And we offer irrefutable proof that diversity in the workplace is an invaluable asset. These are the principles we live by at the US Embassy and in our consulates throughout Pakistan. I feel proud to see our human resources office here," he said.

Mr Blome said the US believed in the skills and talents of Pakistan’s people, and looked forward to taking advantage of the efforts of the STEP and PUAN to ensure new team members are hired with inclusion and accessibility in mind. "I want to thank our event organisers from the PUAN, STEP, and the United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan. Thank you, Abia, Atif, Rita and Syed Moeeziuddin for the hard work you and your teams put in to make this programme a success," he said.

The envoy said it was an important collaboration meant to make Pakistan, the US and the world a better and more inclusive place. "It’s remarkable—and inspiring—to see so many members of the business community, along with all the qualified jobseekers, here," he said.

Mr Blome congratulated the award recipients, saying that collectively, they pioneered new ways to think about and advocate for mental healthcare, accessible public facilities, local and national policy recommendations, and much more.

"Your passion, dedication, and determination to advance the rights of persons with disabilities are not just recognised here; your work is seen throughout Pakistan, the region, and the United States," he said. The envoy encouraged them to reach out to members of his team to learn about opportunities to partner with the US Mission to continue their important work.