Telemedicine treatment for children introduced

By Our Correspondent
April 19, 2024
This photograph shows a Pakistani paramedic checking a child at a telemedicine online treatment centre in Pakistan. — AFP/File

LAHORE:In response to the pressing need for accessible and high-quality emergency healthcare for children in Pakistan, ChildLife Foundation has introduced an innovative telemedicine network in District & Tehsil Headquarters Hospitals in Punjab, providing critical consultations to children in remote areas.


This initiative aims to address the alarming child mortality rates in the country, with 1,000 children losing their lives daily due to various illnesses. With two-thirds of Pakistan's population residing in rural areas, many families face significant challenges in accessing specialised medical care for their children. Financial constraints, logistical difficulties, and the sheer distance to major cities often deter families from seeking timely medical attention. Recognising these challenges, ChildLife Foundation has pioneered a provider-to-provider telemedicine model and registered nurses at telemedicine sites across Punjab. Through this innovative approach, children in remote areas receive consultations from FCPS Peads emergency specialists stationed at the control room in Lahore. In 60% of cases, these consultations result in value-added interventions, including training for on-ground government doctors on the latest medical protocols and interventions.

‘This telemedicine initiative is a game-changer for children in remote areas who previously lacked access to timely and quality emergency care,’ stated Dr Ahson Rabbani, CEO of the Foundation.