Commissioner reviews arrangements for 29th Int’l Poetry Conference

By Our Correspondent
April 19, 2024
Commissioner Karachi Syed Hasan Naqvi chairs a meeting to assess the preparations for the upcoming 29th International Poetry Conference slated for April 20 on April 19, 2024. — Facebook/Commissioner Karachi Office

Commissioner Karachi Syed Hasan Naqvi led a pivotal meeting on Thursday to assess the preparations for the upcoming 29th International Poetry Conference slated for April 20.


Ali Mahmood Khan, the Chairman of the Organising Committee, provided a comprehensive briefing regarding the conference’s intricacies. Notable attendees included Deputy Commissioner Shehzad Fazal Abbasi, Municipal Commissioner Afdal Zaidi, senior police and traffic officers, representatives from various civic bodies, and members of the organizing committee like Nadeem Zafar Siddiqui, Jamal Azhar, and Syed Tarrab Shah.

The agenda encompassed discussions on security, cleanliness, traffic management, and other essential arrangements imperative for the successful execution of the conference. Commissioner Naqvi underscored the significance of hosting such an esteemed event in Karachi, emphasising its role in showcasing the city’s literary prowess and positive endeavors on a global platform. Stressing the need for cooperation, he directed pertinent authorities to ensure the provision of adequate security and civic amenities.

Mahmood Ahmad Khan, the Organising Committee Chairman, shed light on the magnitude of the World Poetry Conference, labeling it as Pakistan’s premier poetry extravaganza, attracting renowned poets from both home and abroad. Khan revealed ongoing efforts to facilitate the participation of international poets, foreseeing a turnout exceeding ten thousand individuals at the global gathering.

A day earlier, Naqvi directed the removal of makeshift garbage bins near busy roads and various drains in the city during a comprehensive review meeting with officials from various urban and municipal institutions.

The meeting, which addressed various civic issues, resulted in decisions to effectively tackle them. The commissioner mandated the relocation of makeshift garbage dumps near busy roads and drains to alternative sites wherever feasible. Additionally, plans were made to install streetlights on roads and underpasses to enhance safety.

Deputy commissioners presented a list of roads requiring immediate attention due to traffic congestion caused by deteriorating road conditions. It was resolved to address these issues promptly.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Chief Engineer Tariq Mughal provided insights into road maintenance challenges. The commissioner instructed the KMC to collaborate with relevant deputy commissioners to address road damage concerns, giving priority to urgently needed repairs.

Emphasising the Karachi administration's pivotal role in city improvement, the commissioner stressed the importance of better coordination and cooperation between urban development and municipal institutions to fulfil their responsibilities.