Fabricated negativity

By News Desk
April 19, 2024

I find it very disturbing that the imprisoned PTI head Imran Khan and other senior party figures are often repeating the mantra that the country is failing or breaking up nowadays. What are they trying to imply? I do not see any evidence of any such desperate situation. No doubt the economic conditions are quite bad and we are fighting an ongoing war against terrorism. Yet, I also see some encouraging signs. We have taken some positive steps towards improved fiscal management and I also hope we will gradually overcome the spectre of terrorism. In my view, many have had enough of the negative rhetoric, protests, and slogans coming from the PTI and its allies. It is high time all political parties and groups came together to develop a positive and optimistic national narrative. Let all matters be discussed and debated in parliament, peacefully and rationally. Any sensible citizen can see that Pakistan does not need more polarization.


Ilyas M B Khan