Chris Pratt braves ocean chase as LAPD detective in 'Mercy'

'Mercy' sees Raven detaining suspect at gunpoint

By Web Desk
April 18, 2024
Chris Pratt is filming intense scene for sci-fi flick.

In a riveting scene filmed for his upcoming sci-fi movie Mercy, Chris Pratt was spotted chasing down and detaining a bloodied man on the beach in Malibu on Wednesday.

The Hollywood star takes on the role of an LAPD detective grappling with proving his innocence against a violent crime accusation.


Set against the backdrop of a futuristic city plagued by a soaring murder rate, Pratt's character faces multifaceted challenges.

While the first name of his character remains undisclosed, a police uniform name-tag revealed his last name as Raven.

During Wednesday's shoot, Pratt's character dramatically leapt out of a police car, racing onto the beach to apprehend the suspect amidst the crashing waves.

Raven, was seen apprehending a suspect with long hair and a mustache, their face covered in fake movie blood.

Pratt's character chased the individual into the shallows, eventually drawing his gun as the situation escalated.

With his firearm aimed, he compelled the suspect to raise their hands and turn towards the horizon.

Approaching cautiously, he brought the suspect to the sand, forcing them to their knees while maintaining a stern demeanor.

During breaks between takes, Pratt exuded his characteristic upbeat demeanor, smiling and appearing relaxed.

However, his character's attire, including a police uniform augmented by a bulletproof vest, underscored the perilous nature of the role.