Gang war commander killed in police encounter

By Our Correspondent
April 18, 2024
This image shows Karachi Police personnel and commandoes standing guard on November 29, 2023. — Facebook/Karachi Police - KPO

A suspected gang war commander was killed during an alleged encounter with the police in the Pak Colony area on Wednesday.


According to police, the encounter took place in Jahanabad area of Pak Colony where one suspect was killed while another was injured. Police said the killed gang war suspect, Ubaid alias Langra, was the commander of the gang involved in various crimes, including murder, attempted murder, extortion, and also wanted in police encounters.

The suspect had previously been arrested by the police and had been working with the gang war suspect Sajid Wajid Riasat Langra Haji Riasat. Recently, the suspect Ubaid Langra was involved in drug trafficking activities associated with gang war suspect Kashif Dada.

According to the police, Ubaid Langra’s associates Arif Tiki and others have also been killed. Ubaid Langra was highly wanted by the police. The search for gang war suspect Kashif Dada is ongoing.