Shannen Doherty wants to tribute father in unique way

Shannen Doherty can't have a tattoo because of health scares

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Shannen Doherty wants to tribute father in unique way

If Shannen Doherty's health weren't an issue, she would honour her father with a unique tattoo.

The 53-year-old Charmed alum opened out on Monday, April 15, during her Let's Be Clear podcast with Shannen Doherty. She talked about wanting to honour her dad's memory but feeling constrained in her ability to do so in a unique way.


Rob Weiss, her former fiancé who works as a director, writer, producer, and director, came along for the Let's Be Friends with an Exepisode. Before splitting up in 1998, the former couple became engaged in 1995.

When the two discussed the various tattoos they had acquired over time, Doherty said she didn't anticipate getting any more.

“I mean, I want one like right down my side,” she said. “I’ve been wanting it, my dad’s name.”

In 2010, John Thomas Doherty Jr., her father, passed away.

Weiss said, "I have such great guys to do that stuff," and offered to suggest her.

The Beverly Hill, 90210 talent, however, lost out.

“I’m just like it’s alright, I don’t need it,” she said. “It’s also once you get, you know, like I can’t get infections — there’s a whole, not like you’re gonna get something from the tattoo.”

Weiss joked that he never meant to "take you to some like, alley tattoo parlour" when he interrupted.