Eva Mendes ‘so happy’ with Ryan Gosling’s cuban accent

Eva Mendes gushes over Ryan Gosling’s ‘Can’t Tonight’ Saturday Night Live sketch

By Web Desk
April 17, 2024
Eva Mendes gushes over Ryan Gosling's cuban accent

Eva Mendes may have fell on love with Ryan Gosling all over again, just because of his cuban accent in his 'Can’t Tonight'Saturday Night Live sketch.

Gosling and Marcello Hernández co-starred in the sketch as two males trying to convince their friend, Kenan Thompson, to go out with them.


“Coño! My Cuban Papi made this Cuban Mami so happy with this!! Years of hanging out with my Dad paid off,” Mendes wrote on Instagram, sharing the sketch video in a post.

Mendes, who is of Cuban descent and in a relationship with Gosling, credited her father for the star’s fabulous accent.

Gosling and Hernández exhibit fluent Cuban accents in the sketch, making the waitress, played by Sarah Sherman, to inquire where the three guys were from.

Thompson explains about his character, “I’m Dominican, and he’s Cuban [Hernández], and he [Gosling] is from Tennessee, but ever since he married a Cuban woman, he is different.”

Mendes also added praise for Hernández and Thompson, adding, “Gracias to the super talented marcellohdz for this skit. The way you say ‘Eva Mendes’ And kenanthompson always crushing. Can’t wait for this trio’s next reunion.”