VIDEO: PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif pays surprise visits to naanbais to check roti price

Ex-PM also vows to continue his surprise visits to check bread prices and urges flatbread sellers not to sell 100 gramme roti at Rs20 again

By Raees Ansari
April 16, 2024


Two days after cutting the price of roti to facilitate inflation-hit consumers in Punjab, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) top leader Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz on Tuesday had a field day to make sure naanbais (flatbread vendors) are following the provincial government's notification.

During their surprise visit to some naanbais (roti vendors), Sharif talked with workers to find out if they were selling the tandoor-baked flatbread at the officially notified price without reducing its weight, while the chief minister examined the official price list.

The public cheered the former prime minister and the Punjab CM for personally coming out to inspect the roti price, welcoming the action that showed how concerned they were about this issue.

They also encouraged the public to provide real-time feedback, report any violations, and refuse to overpay.

Sharif emphasised the importance of personally going out to assess the bread prices and urged flatbread sellers not to sell 100 gramme roti at Rs20 again.

During the interaction, the Punjab chief minister informed the public that the price of bread had been fixed at Rs16, with the price of nan (120 gramme) set at Rs20.

Maryam said that notifications had been issued not to charge more than Rs16 for bread, urging people to report any overcharging and other violations.

The chief minister then had a tandoor worker bake bread for her to check its weight and quality, making sure consumers were not being swindled.

Following the inspection, Nawaz and Maryam ordered the vendors and authorities to post the price notifications on walls for public awareness.

As part of her efforts to provide relief to inflation-hit people, the Punjab chief executive on Sunday reduced the price of roti to Rs16 across the province.

CM Maryam had announced last month that all necessary measures would be taken to provide relief to people in the province.