Dua Lipa goes bold with her no-pants look: See Photos

Dua Lipa recently made it to the list of of TIME’s most influential people of 2024

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Dua Lipa- one of TIME’s most influential people of 2024

Dua Lipa recently made it to becoming one of TIME’s most influential people of 2024, pulling off a no-pants preppy look in the accompanying photo spread.

Singer Patti Smith exclusively spoke to Lipa following her special feature alongside a TIME100 profile, noting that the celebrity "moves with a lightness in a heavy world — bold, playful, and self-aware."


Smith further added, explaining that the star “believes in family, is grateful to her parents and supportive of her siblings. She left home at 15 to propel her musical dreams into action.

"She is driven, independent, and possesses a desire for knowledge. She appeals to future artists to be mindful of the world around them. She is herself, striving to redefine the pop-genre cosmos," she added of her.

Lipa proved with her look for Time’s photos that she’s all game for taking it all in stride. She posed in nothing but an over-sized shirt, adding flavor to her wavy red hair.

She could be seen showing off her chunky ring, placed perfectly in one of her delicate fingers as reported by InStyle.

Meanwhile, speaking of her latest music addition, Lipa revealed that Radical Optimism is a bit more mature than her previous records.

She said: “The record as a whole is more mature … I'm definitely not the same person I was when I wrote my first album. I've evolved and learned so much … taking it as it comes, not seeing anything as bad or something as a setback.”

Lipa further added, admitting: "That involves a lot of growing and understanding myself, knowing my worth, whether it be in business, love, or friendship."