Salman Khan's house shooting suspects taken to Mumbai for further investigation

Salman Khan's residence, Galaxy Apartment located in Bandra, Mumbai witnessed firing incident on April 14, 2024

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Salman Khan's house shooting suspects taken to Mumbai for further investigation

The two gunmen responsible for firing shots outside Salman Khan's Bandra residence, Galaxy Apartment on April 14, 2024, Sunday, have been transported from Bhuj to Mumbai for further investigation.

Now a video is widley circulating, where the CISF officers along with several men could be seen walking along with the two shooters.


The two men identified as Vicky Gupta and Sagar Pal were arrested by the Mumbai Crime Branch from Gujarat's Bhuj. Now they have been brought to Mumbai for further investigation.

As per recent updates from PTI, a senior police officer has disclosed that the IP address linked to the Facebook post claiming responsibility for the shooting incident has been traced back to Portugal.

The officer said, "The IP address of the FB post was traced to Portugal. We are verifying.”

He also mentioned that law enforcement suspects the utilization of a VPN (virtual private network) to upload the Facebook post purportedly shared by Anmol Bishnoi.

Moreover, a source recently revealed to India Today, “Salman is very much focused on going about his work as planned earlier. He doesn’t want to give attention to those behind this firing incident because he feels that is exactly what they want."

"Instead, he has asked friends and actors from the industry not to worry. Further, he also asked them not to make any visits to Galaxy Apartments as it is getting inconvenient for other members of the society as well,” the insider added.