Police reveal family dispute behind murder of Kansas women

Motive behind Kansas women's disappearance and murder revealed, according to newly released court documents

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Court documents expose dark motive behind Kansas women's vanishing act. (Veronica Butler, 27, and Jilian Kelley, 39, are seen in undated photos released on March 31, 2024, by the Texas County Sheriff’s Department. — Texas County Sheriff’s Department)

Two Kansas moms, Veronica Butler (27) and Jilian Kelley (39) vanished on March 30th and were later found dead. Court documents released on Monday revealed on the alleged motives behind the double murder.

Four people are currently in police custody in connection with the case: Tad Bert Cullum (43), Tifany Machel Adams (54), and the Twombly couple, Cole (50) and Cora (44).


The documents revealed Butler was locked in a tough custody dispute with Tifany Adams' son over her two kids. Adams, the kids' grandmother, was involved. Her son, Wrangler Rickman, had legal custody of the children.

On the day Veronica and Jilian disappeared, Butler was supposed to meet Adams for a court-ordered handoff of the kids. Kelley went along to supervise. Jilian was supposed to oversee a court-ordered custody exchange between Veronica and Adams. However, Veronica called to cancel the exchange that morning, according to Adams.

Legal documents from 2019 mention death threats made by Adams and her boyfriend, Tad Cullum (43), towards Rickman.

Investigators found evidence of violence near the abandoned car left by Butler and Kelley. Blood was spotted on the road and Butler's glasses were found nearby.

Police found that "God's Misfits," an anti-government group Adams and Cullum are allegedly part of. A teenager tipped off the authorities about the Twomblys' possible involvement in the crime.

Police found two bodies in rural Texas during an investigation. Their identities have not been confirmed so far. All four suspects are due in court this week.