Ryan Gosling takes hilarious dig at Avatar font in Papyrus 2: Watch

Ryan Gosling reprises his role as a crazy man going mad over stylistic choices in Papyrus 2

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Ryan Gosling on Avatar's font in Papyrus 2

Ryan Gosling has recently taken a hilarious dig at the font of Avatar in the sequel to the 2017 sketch Papyrus 2.

Gosling, who played a font aficionado, could not come to terms with the Avatar title font being Papyrus.


On April 13, the Barbie star reprised his role as a crazy man going mad over the stylistic choice, in a longer sequel, whose description read, "After spending years to work past it, Steven (Gosling) is confronted by the very thing he's been trying to avoid."

In the video, the new skit began with Steven coming "face to face with my demons" after years of healing, when he sees a clip from 2022's Avatar: The Way of Water while getting a dental cleaning.

"Not a huge improvement, but it made me feel like there was hope in the world. Like maybe, if we raise our voice, change can happen," said Steven's voiceover.

Later in the night, he realised, "All the money in the world, and he just put it ... in bold. It took him seconds — a minute, tops."

Gosling character then tracks down designer again and confronts him at a celebration of his career.

During their big confrontation, Gosling reveals his name, Johnathan Wingdings, son of the creator of the even more insufferable font, wingdings.

Earlier in December, speaking with PEOPLE, James Cameron confessed that the "font thing's funny".

"We actually now had a dilemma on movie two. It's like, 'Are we going to keep the same font, the highest-grossing film in history, or are we going to change it?' Mess with the formula," he quipped.

Meanwhile, Cameron revealed his love for Saturday Night Live despite the jokes made about his movie's logo.

"You've got to be able to laugh with and at yourself on Saturday Night Live," added Cameron.