Underequipped labs

By News Desk
April 16, 2024

As a concerned student, I believe it is necessary and crucial to address the shortage of laboratory equipment at the Federal Urdu University, Karachi in order to ensure that our university maintains its reputation for advanced learning and academic progress. The shortage of adequate equipment in our university labs hinders the learning experience of students and obstructs research projects. Without access to essential equipment and tools, it is not possible for students to fully engage in hands-on learning experiences that boost their practical application along with understanding of theoretical concepts.


Limited equipment availability also restricts the scope and depth of research that faculty members and students can pursue, ultimately hindering the advancement of knowledge in various fields. I urge the university administration and other relevant stakeholders to prioritize allocating sufficient funds for equipment procurement and maintenance. Establishing partnerships with industry leaders and seeking external funding sources can also help supplement the university's budget and ensure the timely acquisition of necessary equipment.

Sajid Butt