Jeremy Clarkson 'consumed with fear' over girlfriend Lisa Hogan's birthday trip

Jeremy Clarkson expressed his concerns, learning about the trip his girlfriend Lisa Hogan had planned last week

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Jeremy Clarkson 'consumed with fear' on 64th birthday

Jeremy Clarkson recently revealed that the Clarkson’s star was left “consumed with fear” during his 64th birthday last week.

The presenter, while writing for his column for The Sun,admitted to becoming concerned after learning about the trip his girlfriend Lisa Hogan had planned last week.


Clarkson believed that he initially thought his girlfriend was planning to place him behind bars, referring to it as a ‘care home’ as he celebrated his birthday.

The TV presenter said: "It all sounded lovely, but as we plunged further and further into the Cotswolds, and she still wouldn't tell me where we were going, I became consumed with a fear that she was taking me to a care home."

Speaking of Hogan’s intentions for his birthday, the Clarkson’s Farm alum shared that he had no idea of his girlfriend’s plans for his big day.

“She didn't. But the day is coming.”

The duo began dating in 2017, and the 50-year-old former actress recently expressed her desire to walk down the aisle with him.

Joking about their marriage, she exclusively told The Times: “I just thought I might surprise him, Jeremy doesn’t think I proposed, but he wasn’t wearing his hearing aids, so no one will know.”

However, Clarkson quickly snapped back in response, noting: “I’ll think about the proposal, OK? I’m not ready yet.”