Apple iPhone's to get holographic display soon?

Holographic technology in iPhones can bring virtual reality to everyday objects

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Scientists develop holographic display on an iPhone screen. — Werbewoche/File

In a major scientific breakthrough, scientists from Tokyo university have created realistic 3D holographic displays using an ordinary iPhone screen, The Debrief reported.

This impressive breakthrough has the potential to push the world into a new chapter of everyday holographic objects.


While conventional approaches to holography involved complex and expensive laser emitters, this new technology is a more cost friendly alternative which requires only one spatial light modulator and cheap software algorithms.

Team leader Ryoichi Horisaki said: "Although holography techniques can create a very real-looking 3D representation of objects, traditional approaches aren’t practical because they rely on laser sources. Lasers emit coherent light that is easy to control, but they make the system complex, expensive, and potentially harmful to the eyes."

To conquer this obstacle, Horisaki and team tried employing lower cost technology mixed with the power of advanced computer algorithms to create a 3D holographic display that would rival displays using lasers.

According to them the key to achieving this is a technology known as computer-generated holography (CGH) paired with a simple component known as a spatial light modulator.

He said: "It required carefully modeling the incoherent light propagation process from the screen and then using this information to develop a new algorithm that coordinated the light coming from the device screen with a single spatial light modulator."