How to tell if your phone is being tracked? 6 key signs

Background noises during phone calls can be a sign of phone being tapped

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
6 ways to know if your phone is being spied on. — Famisafe/File

Phone bugging is a nuisance effecting everyone’s life. In this digital world, where everything is stored in phones, no one is safe from data theft, Norton reported.

So how to know if your phone is being tapped or monitored?

Background noise during calls

If you hear clicking noise, or distant voices during your calls, high chances your phone is being tapped.

Reduced battery performance


If your phone is bugged, all your activity will be getting transmitted to a third party app, which will drain your battery faster.

Cameras and microphones turn on randomly

If you see green lights above your iPhones screen, chances are someone may be listening in to you. If the light goes on and off, it means a piece of malware has been installed into your phone.

You receive unusual texts

Getting weird text messages with random number and symbols? Spy software’s work by sending coded messages to your phone. These texts are only visible when the software isn’t working properly.

Websites look different

A malicious software can change the way our phones perform tasks such as displaying websites.

Battery feels warm

Another tell tale of your phone being tapped is that malware heats your battery up.