Police should stop street crime in Karachi: governor

By Our Correspondent
April 15, 2024
Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori (centre) speaks to the media after meeting deceased Turab Zahidi's father (second left) in this image on April 14, 2024. — Facebook/Kamran Tessori

Sindh Governor Kamran Khan Tessori on Saturday night visited the residence of Turab Zahidi who recently lost his life in a street crime incident in Karachi.


Tessori met the deceased man’s father, Nisar Zahidi, to offer condolences over the death of his son. Speaking on the occasion, the governor said he could not find words to express grief over the tragedy. He assured the deceased’s father that the culprits who killed his son would be arrested.

Tessori also announced that he would bear the future educational expenses of Turab’s children and pay the monthly rent of the flat. Later, talking to journalists, he said that he had visited the residence of the bereaved family not in his capacity as the governor but as the son of the soil of Karachi.

The governor said he had requested the deceased man’s mother to treat him like her son. He lamented that young natives of Karachi had been constantly losing their lives due to violent street crime incidents.

Tessori reiterated his resolve to bring the culprits involved in the killings of innocent residents of Karachi to justice.

He said police and law enforcement agencies through enhanced patrolling and a widened network of security surveillance cameras should prevent the recurrence of such tragedies in the city.

He said that the recent rise in criminal activities in Karachi, which was the economic hub of the country, was highly sorrowful and alarming. Tessori told the media that he would continue to use the office of the provincial governor to make the relevant authorities in the province take cognisance of such incidents.

Meanwhile, the governor appealed to the students from low and middle-income families based in Hyderabad to enrol in great numbers for the free IT education programme shortly to be launched in the second largest city of Sindh.

He said that candidates in Hyderabad would appear in an aptitude test to get admission to the free-of-charge IT programme. He said the graduates of the IT programme would earn massive foreign exchange for the country through the export of software and IT services.