Shirley MacLaine shares laughter and memories over Malibu lunch

Shirley MacLaine enjoyes lunch just days from 90th birthday

By Web Desk
April 15, 2024
Shirley MacLaine embraces life at pre-90th birthday,

As her milestone 90th birthday approaches, Shirley MacLaine, the esteemed Oscar-winning actress, exudes an undiminished zest for life.

On Wednesday, the 89-year-old Hollywood icon was seen presiding over an animated gathering on the patio of Kristy's Malibu restaurant, nestled near the picturesque Zuma Beach in California.


Amidst the scenic backdrop, MacLaine's infectious laughter reverberated, filling the courtyard as she engaged with her female assistant and two male companions.

With evident delight, she leaned back in the lively conversation.

A familiar face at Kristy's, her presence was met with attentive service, including a soothing massage from a female employee as the meal drew to a close.

As the gathering prepared to depart, they encountered fellow diner Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan.

Reflecting on the encounter with in her distinct French accent, Frenchy recounted, "I had just come from the beach to grab a bite to eat.

I couldn't believe it was her! I waited until they finished and approached them, expressing my admiration and requesting a photo."

Shirley complimented Frenchy's attire, remarking, "I love your pink outfit!" To which Frenchy reciprocated, "I love yours too!" while pointing to Shirley's pink pants and sneakers.