Nora Fatehi claims many in the industry marry for publicity

Nora mentioned the importance of being cautious about whom she lets into her inner circle

By Web Desk
April 14, 2024
Nora Fatehi claims many in the industry marry for publicity

Nora Fatehi remarked that in the entertainment industry, most individuals marry for the sake of gaining attention.

During her appearance on BeerBiceps, the 32-year-old actress discussed the four driving forces in human lives.


The Crakk star also mentioned that she must exercise caution when selecting individuals for her inner circle because she is cautious of those seeking proximity solely for fame.

Nora shared, “I see this happening in front of me. I see it in my industry, people get married for clout. People use these wives and husbands for networking and for circles, and relevance, and money."

"They think, ‘I have to get married to her so that I can stay relevant for the next three years because she’s got a few films releasing and they’re doing well at the box office, I need to ride that wave’. People are that calculating,” she added.

Referring to these individuals as "predator," Nora said, “Guys and girls will destroy their whole personal life for money, fame, power, etc. Nothing is worse than getting married to someone you don’t even love, and live with them for years."

"Most of the people in our industry are doing that nonsense. Just because they want to be in the right camps and circles, and they want to be relevant. They don’t know where their career is going to go, so they want backup plans,” she added.