Prince Harry envisions Meghan Markle as future Queen of England?

Prince Harry believes Meghan Markle to be more fit for Queen than Kate Middleton

By Web Desk
April 14, 2024
Prince Harry envisions Meghan Markle as future Queen of England

Prince Harry is believed to have ambitious plans for wife Meghan Markle within the royal family.

Speaking to former GB News journalist Dan Wootton, royal expert Angela Levin claimed the Duke of Sussex wants the duchess to become the Queen in the stead of Kate Middleton and Camilla.


"He believes – and this must surprise you – that Meghan is the one who should take over as Queen," she shared.

"He does what he's told, and he thinks that it was very bad that Meghan wasn't questioned about what should be done to make the royal family up to date,” Levin added.

The Conversations with the Prince author went on to suggest the Suits alum share similar sentiments, adding: "And [Meghan] said herself that she felt that they should have asked her what should be done rather than Kate because she is a self-made woman and she's got much more experience.”

For the unversed, Harry and Meghan gave up on their royal positions when they moved to the US with their children four years ago.

They have since sparked animosity with the rest of the royal family by hurling insults and levelling allegations at them during interviews.

Though their return to the royal family is currently not on the cards, the Spare author is still fifth in line to the throne, as well as one of the counsellors of the state.

Harry can only be King in case of unlikely absence of Prince William or his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.