Harvest worries hit farmer as rains loom

Farmers have prepared for the culmination of their labor for harvesting the wheat crop

By Our Correspondent
April 14, 2024
A farmer checks crops damaged following heavy rains. — AFP/File

LALAMUSA: Farmers in Lalamusa are both excited and worried as they prepare to harvest their crops during the Baisakhi festival. There’s a happy celebration but also concern about the crops as reaping season is set to start.


With Baisakhi, farmers have prepared for the culmination of their labour for harvesting the wheat crop. The harvest season officially begins today, with fields full of golden wheat ready to be cut, but there’s a nervous feeling mixed in with the excitement. Cloudy skies coupled with forecasts of imminent rainfall are a cause of concern for the farming community. Fearing the wrath of nature, farmers dread the prospect of their labor being washed away. The situation is further compounded by the economic chaos being faced by the farmers. For many, agriculture is not just a vocation but a lifeline, providing sustenance for their families and livelihoods for the future.