By News Desk
April 14, 2024

A madrassa teacher was reportedly arrested for the attempted rape of a minor boy in Tandlianwala, Faisalabad around a week ago. The accused was apparently forgiven by the father of the victim after the intervention of another cleric, with the charges being dropped after the father told the court concerned that the FIR was filed due to a misunderstanding. However, the same cleric was arrested in a new child abuse case only a few days later, according to some reports.


One wonders why those who react so strongly and unanimously to mere accusations, often of a dubious nature, in some cases, such as a woman wearing a dress with Arabic script printed on it, but fail to do so in the face of more concrete allegations of the most heinous crimes. Nevertheless, it appears as though society is gradually becoming more cognizant about issues related to violence and abuse and the system is trying to correct some of the wrongs which have become ingrained in society over the years.

Anas A Khan