T.J. Holmes hits frustration when Amy Robach travels solo

T.J. Holmes expresses anxiety over Amy Robach's safety

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
T.J. Holmes expresses discomfort over separation from Amy Robach.

T.J. Holmes discussed his unease with being away from former Good Morning America co-anchor and current partner, Amy Robach, during their recent podcast episode.

He admitted feeling frustrated whenever they are apart, particularly when traveling solo.


His concerns stemmed from a deep sense of connection and a desire to be there for Robach in case of any challenges.

The former hosts whose relationship was revealed in November 2022, have frequently shared personal insights on their podcast.

Holmes confessed that his concern for Robach extends beyond mere missing her, emphasizing his discomfort with prolonged separations.

Despite acknowledging his love for her while still married to Marilee Fiebig in 2022, Holmes and Robach have continued to navigate their relationship publicly.