These Google Photo editing tools to become free soon

Google announces to make its best AI-powered editing tools free for Google Photos users

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
Google Photos makes editing tools free. — Business Insider/File

In a major update, Google has announced that soon some of its best AI-powered editing tools will be available for free to Google Photo users, Life Hacker reported.

Previously these features were only available to users subscribed to Google One or with a Google Pixel phone.

The new editing tools made available include


Starting from May 15, these features will be available to all Android and iOS Google Photos users as well as Chromebooks.

However, to use the free tools you will need at least an Android 8.0 version and in Apple an iOS 15 software or above.

For Chromebooks, you'll need at least 3GB of RAM and ChromeOS 118 and newer.

The Magic Editor tool was previously exclusive to the Pixel 8 series. It uses generative AI technology to easily drag and drop objects in a photo.

There is one catch though, the Magic Editor tool in Android and iOS Google Photos will be limited 10 uses per month. If you want more uses, you will have to buy a Pixel device or a Google One subscription.