OJ Simpson’s attorney makes big claim after client’s death

Attorney Carl Douglas defends "race card" strategy in OJ Simpson case

By Web Desk
April 13, 2024
OJ Simpson passes away at age 76. — AFP/File

The OJ Simpson double murder case remains one of the most controversial legal cases of all time.

Even 29 years after the verdict, the case is still being talked about.


A member from his dream team, attorney Carl Douglas, during an interview with the TMZ discussed accusations of using the "race card" during the case.

He defended their strategy saying they were not playing the race card but were rather presenting the facts as they were.

He said: "The prosecution played the race card as well when they brought on a Black prosecutor (Christopher Darden) for the first time when the jury was all assembled on the first day of trial."

Furthermore, he said: "When you are presented with facts suggesting that a primary detective in the case had a racial animus against Black and Brown suspects, and Black and Brown prisoners, so strongly that he wanted to separate from the police department because he couldn’t control his anger ... that had to be an issue that we had to follow and seek to exploit if, in fact, it was true."

OJ Simpson was a National Football league player and was accused of murdering wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994.

He passed away on April 10, 2024, due to cancer.