Several injured as honeybees attack Eid revellers in Mandi Bahauddin park

Swarm of honeybees attacks people at Nawaz Sharif Park after children threw something at beehive

By Tariq Mehmood
April 11, 2024
Although not aggressive in nature, when bees feel threatened, they signal others to attack the source of their threat. — AFP

MANDI BAHAUDDIN: Revellers in Punjab’s Mandi Bahauddin city faced an unexpected situation amid Eid ul Fitr festivities on the second day on Thursday after they came under attack by a swarm of honeybees.

According to rescue officials, honeybees attacked the people celebrating Eid at Nawaz Sharif Park in the city.


They said a swarm of bees attacked the park-goers after children threw something at the beehive.

As per the officials, several people were shifted to a nearby hospital after they suffered injuries in the bees' attack.

The Municipal Committee said it closed the park to the public temporarily and the public place will be reopened after carrying out a spray.

Separately, a large number of people headed toward public parks and picnic spots in different parts of the country on the first and second day of Eid ul Fitr.

In Rawalpindi, amusement parks remained the centre of attention for the families and visitors.

On the first day of Eid, the rain coupled with dark clouds and cold winds turned the weather pleasant as a large number of people visited major amusement parks to enjoy the Eid holidays.

Pakistan marked the first day of Eid ul Fitr on Wednesday after Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced the sighting of Shawwal moon in the country.