Metroville robbers still at large despite CCTV camera footage

By Our Correspondent
April 10, 2024
This representational CCTV footage shows a robbery at gunpoint in Karachi. — Facebook/TheTimesOfKarachi/File

The CCTV camera footage of the murder of two poultry company workers by robbers in the Metroville neighbourhood on Monday shows the faces of the perpetrators. Police, however, are yet to succeed in locating them.


The murder of the two men has left the public in shock. The escape of the suspects and the failure of the police to arrest them is a matter of concern.

Police said on Tuesday that the investigation of the murders is under way, while images of the suspects grabbed from the CCTV camera footage of the incident have been made public.

The CCTV camera footage shows both perpetrators dressed in shirts and trousers. The stolen money in a blue carrier bag can also be seen in the possession of the suspects.

The faces of the suspects in the images are quite clear. However, police have failed to find the suspects involved in the major robbery of Rs12.6 million.

A case has been registered against the two unidentified armed assailants on the complaint of recovery officer Zeeshan Rasheed, the victims’ colleague at the poultry company.

The incident had taken place near Fatima Masjid in Metroville, where the suspects opened fire at a car before they escaped with the looted cash. The casualties were taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, where they were identified as Zakir, 30, and Sher Alam, 55.

According to police, one of the suspects had remained on his motorbike while the other got off another motorbike and went straight to the car and opened fire. After shooting the victims, the culprit picked up the bag containing the cash from the back seat of the car, following which both culprits sped away on their motorbikes.

The culprits had been waiting for the victims, which meant they knew that the two would pass through the area. This was not a usual street crime, as the culprits had targeted the two men based on the information they had.

Security guard killed

A security guard, Wahid Baloch, lost his life due to firing by dacoits in the Ishaqabad area of the Sharifabad locality.

The robbers were fleeing after looting from residents in Liaqatabad’s Bandhani Colony when they saw Rangers personnel. They abandoned their motorcycle upon seeing the Rangers and fled. During this time, the robbers snatched a motorcycle from a person, namely Rizwan, and killed the security guard before fleeing. The deceased security guard was the father of two children and was scheduled to go to his hometown Larkana to celebrate Eidul Fitr with his family.