Centre of excellence for climate change in the works

By Our Correspondent
April 10, 2024
Coordinator to the prime minister on climate change Romina Khursheed Alam seen in this image. —Ministry of Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, Government of Pakistan.Website/File

Islamabad: Coordinator to the prime minister on climate change Romina Khursheed Alam has hinted at the establishment of the country's first centre of excellence for climate crisis.


"The proposed centre will be meant for the welfare of wildlife. It will have modern technology for wildlife scientists and facilities for veterinary training, and will spread public awareness of ecology and wildlife," Romina said in a meeting of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board at the Ministry of Climate Change, where experts from global animal welfare group Four Paws were also in attendance. She was briefed on management and preservation of wildlife as well as issues and challenges about Margalla Hills National Park and Marghazar Zoo.

Dr. Frank Goeritz, head of the Institute of Zoo and Wildlife Research, and Dr. Amir Khalil, director (rescue) at Four Paws, informed her about endangered species and bio-rescue. The aide to the PM called for the establishment of a new park dedicated to rare, endangered, and vulnerable species. She said the ministry's 28 acres of land should be utilised for the purpose. Romina said she was striving for the early signing of the Islamabad Nature and Wildlife Management Bill to upscale steps for bio-rescue and wildlife.