Vatican says ‘no’ to sex changes and gender theory in new document

Vatican opposed criminalisation of homosexuality as practised by a number of countries with support of local Catholic groups

By Reuters
April 09, 2024
Pope Francis presides over the Easter Mass in the Vatican. — AFP/File

VATICAN CITY: The Vatican on Monday reaffirmed its opposition to sex changes, gender theory and surrogate parenthood, as well as abortion and euthanasia, four months after supporting blessings for same-sex couples.


At the same time, the head of its doctrinal office (DDF), Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernandez, said the Vatican opposed the criminalisation of homosexuality as practised by a number of countries with the support of local Catholic groups. The release of “Dignitas infinita” (Infinite dignity), a 20-page document, follows fierce conservative pushback, especially in Africa, against the DDF’s previous declaration - on LGBT issues.

There is no suggestion that the new text, which describes what the Church perceives as threats to human dignity, was prepared in direct response to the rows over same-sex blessings, as it has been five years in the making. But it has undergone extensive revisions over the period. Pope Francis approved it last month after requesting that it also mention “poverty, the situation of migrants, violence against women, human trafficking, war, and other themes”, Fernandez said in a statement. The declaration said surrogate parenting violates the dignity of both the surrogate mother and the child, and recalled that Francis in January called it “despicable” and urged a global ban.